Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Update

It's been a busy tri season so far, think I've done around 13 races, I've two more big ones to go, XTERRA USA Championships and XTERRA World Championships.

Been 'giving back' a bit, doing leading some well attended group rides and a triathlon clinic August 28, preceding the XTERRA Lake Tahoe triathlon. 

Also got to participate in the race, doing a relay with my boyfriend Andrew Pridgen and friend Amber Finch. I did the swim, not because it's my strongest but because I thought it would be great training. 

I don't update this blog too much, usually my web site but sometimes that doesn't work for some reason 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My new site...

First off wanted to thank everyone from the positive feedback, job offers and encouragement after I got laid off in January. 

Things are going well and I'm keeping busy since I got back from Winter Triathlon World Champs (9th overall, 2nd relay.) My Web site is up and running so I update that more than my blog site. 

Thanks again,


Monday, February 2, 2009

Officially a full time athlete...But not by choice

Athletes usually like to do things on their own terms. So when I was 'let go' from my full-time job as a photojournalist last week, I wasn't as excited as I should be. 

For months I had fantasizing about having time off, being able to travel for as long as I wanted, and be a full-time athlete like so many of my competitors. But I expected to be able to decide when I was going to make this big step--but the decision was made for me.

I should be excited to have time off, but it hasn't set in yet and I forgot to save money up in order to do so. Oh wait, it's almost impossible to make save money on a journalist salary because you don't get paid squat. 

I'm hoping this is a blessing in disguise, I don't think I could handle another summer trying to work and train full time. Now I can really focus on racing as long as I can find a way to pay the bills and travel. 

I should feel more excited than I do, but I am still dealing with the shock of being laid off.  Things were hectic for so long, I don't feel like I've had much real time off, all of my vacation was spent traveling to races and rushing back right afterward. 

I will be heading off to Austria in a week for a week or longer then back for a few weeks where I will be working on some freelance projects and then off to Colorado Springs for a USAT Trade Team camp. Then my racing season will officially start!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I competed in my first winter triathlon Jan 11 in Bend Oregon. Although it was early season I couldn't miss the race which seemed custom-made for me, no swimming and xc skiing instead? Perfect. Managed to hold onto second despite taking a wrong turn 200 meters from the finish--not a good feeling. Check out my story in the Sierra Sun here, the Bend Bulletin here or USA Triathlon here.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2009 Trade Team

I recently joined the USAT Trade Team for 2009. I am super excited about this opportunity. The team is composed of a handful of ITU, XTERRA and Ironman athletes and sponsored by Blue Competition Cycles, Rudy Project, SRAM, ZIPP, Speedo and Squadra. More information to come. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

XTERRA World Championships

Always great to go to Maui. Race is still difficult but gets easier each year. Placed 13th. See my race report here.

Enjoying some post-race activities.

Monday, October 6, 2008

XTERRA USA Championships

Race went well, weather was good. About 8 minutes faster than last year placing 12th. Had lots of friends and family members supporting which made me go faster. Even entered the K9 Challenge with Kip, we were 8th. Check out my complete race report here.