Thursday, April 3, 2008

First tri of the season

It's always a good feeling to get the first race of the season out of the way. It's weird to think about triathlons when I am driving over Donner Summit to get to Granite Bay and there is still tons of snow. 
Then a few hours later diving into Granite Bay, I don't want to know how cold it was but I was getting brain freeze swimming. The bike is always tough early season, I'm not quite up to speed with all the lowlanders who can ride year round. Course had some mud and sand pits which I managed to survive but was filthy afterwards. The run was IT band issues and passed a bunch of guys. Finished 2nd overall female behind Lesley Paterson of San Diego, who apparently is pretty fast. 
Lots of shout outs to Jamie Whitmore during and after the race and good to hear she is recovering from surgery. Can't wait to go to the ride this weekend in Auburn for her.