Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Update

It's been a busy tri season so far, think I've done around 13 races, I've two more big ones to go, XTERRA USA Championships and XTERRA World Championships.

Been 'giving back' a bit, doing leading some well attended group rides and a triathlon clinic August 28, preceding the XTERRA Lake Tahoe triathlon. 

Also got to participate in the race, doing a relay with my boyfriend Andrew Pridgen and friend Amber Finch. I did the swim, not because it's my strongest but because I thought it would be great training. 

I don't update this blog too much, usually my web site but sometimes that doesn't work for some reason 

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megangaskill said...

Hey Emma,

I accidently ended up with some sweet (and soaking wet with mosquitos in them) Avia arm warmers after Calgary and I think they are either yours or Heather's. If they are yours I can mail them to you.