Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I got my first ticket in 12 years for not stopping at this stop sign on my bike in Downieville. Officer Boyd of Sierra County Sheriff was hiding out around the corner and pulled over myself and two other riders as we rolled thru this stop sign at 5 mph. Honestly usually do stop at stop signs on my bike but did not see this one. Shawne was the first to get the ticket and when asked when he was born by the cop he said today. We proceeded to sing happy birthday and invited Boyd to join in if he wanted. He also wouldn't tell us how much the ticket was. Guess I will find out if it ever gets to me in the mail. He also gave us a spiel about how he would rather be pulling over drunk drive but proceeded to sit in his SUV idling waiting for more cyclists to come down the road. Yes I too think there are more important things cops can be doing in Sierra County.

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